2012 Food Challenge

I followed this food plan from January until October. My goal for 2013 is similar but will involve spending less than $1 per day on food for the entire year. In some ways it will be less challenging than my 2012 project. 

My challenge for this year is to only eat foods:

1.      Grown by me (seeds or immature plants)
2.       Foraged wild plants  
3.       Killed or watched killed (probably only trout) Edit: March 19th - Meet the person who raised the animal.
4.       Know the people who grow my food and harvest it myself
5.       Only 10 items will be from a store

The stipulations for those 10 items:

1.       A shelf life of at least 6 months
2.       Cooking versatility
3.       Max of three ingredients
4.       Cannot be grown by me because of limitations in space or climate
5.       Inexpensive (I know the organic, vitamin-rich, non-hybrid, blah-blah-blah is healthier, but if it costs too much, then I will not buy it.)

Incomplete list of items:

1.       Unbleached Wheat Flour (King Arthur’s)
2.       Sugar
3.       Salt
4.       Yeast
5.       Butter (salted)
6.       White Rice
7.       Cooking Oil
8.        Corn Meal/Flour (changed from vinegar in July)
9.    Vanilla Extract
10.   Coffee

I took an inventory of all the stored food which was mostly preserved from the last growing season. Some of the green beans are from the season before last, but they are still good to eat. The fresh citrus fruits are from a my aunt and uncle's house where I went to visit in December.   

Glass Jars:
36pints Green Beans (Greasy Beans, Peanut Beans, Bush Beans)
27pints Applesauce
1quart Apples
30cups Blackberries
8cups Raspberries
12cups Blueberries
12cups Broccoli
8cups Green Bell Peppers
2cups Peas
1cup Dill
1cup Parsley
50cubes Catnip
52 Limes
5 Grapefruit
3 Oranges