2013 Saving Money on Food Challenge

My goal for 2013 is to spend less than $1 per day on food. The amount does not include garden, chicken and bee expenses or food that I buy locally. I'm also not counting food from parties, free food I eat at work, or food someone happens to give me.

Here is my list so far:

Apple Pie Spice$3.48
Brown Gravy Powder$4.28
Poultry Gravy Powder$4.28
Yeast (2lb)$4.68
Rice (20lb)$15.88
Brown Sugar (sm.pkg)$1.78
Butter (16sticks)$9.98
Coffee (1615.5g)$20.98
Canola Oil$9.88
Sugar (10lb)$5.89
House Autry$3.18
Flour (5lb)$2.44

The bottom list includes items I will have to buy again at some point this year. Unless I can find a local source for butter, I will have to buy more from a grocery store. I have figured I can have about 85 pots of  coffee with the amount I have. More than likely, I will eat more than 10lbs of sugar this year (the average American consumes 150lbs per year). House Autry Seafood mix is the brand of breadding that I like for fried squash and trout. There are cheaper versions of all the items on this list and this project can be accomplished for less, but I prefer certain brands over others. For example, I usually purchase King Arthur's flour which is more expensive than other flours, but I like the fact that it is an employee-owned small company.

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