Saturday, January 23, 2016

Social Media Distraction

Recent Snow Storm

I spend too much time on social media sites, at least six times a day I log on to fb. It's like I'm addicted to the lives of those around me. I think there is also the psychological need to feel important in other people's lives so sometimes I will post some photos about what I'm doing. I posted the picture above because it is informative to those who live where I do and are considering driving through town to get to work, but mostly anytime spent on social media is a distraction with a lot of visual noise. I have recently been keeping track of  my online time and it amounts to an average of about 25hrs a week of finding useless information. Occasionally I do find something that inspires me to write an article or expand an idea, but the vast majority of my online time is really just a waste and adds to a certain amount of frustration in my life. I often hear that we live in the information age but really I think we live in the age of distraction. What are we distracted from, though?