Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inexpensive Soup

Only $7.99
I love tips on how to cook inexpensive meals. Soups are usually cheaper and easier to make than other foods. I made a soup today that cost less than $0.56 for two hearty servings. I bought all the foods in the picture above for a total of $7.99. Excluding the ice cream, sugar and star crunch bar all of the items will be used to make soup. The salt was only $0.23 and the beef bouillon base only $0.69. Each packet or box of soup cost $0.33. The tomato-chicken base soup has 8 packets which breaks down to $0.04125 per pack.
1 Can Corn-pepper mix: $0.50
1 Pack Tomato/chicken soup: $0.04125
¼ Cup Rice: ~$0.01

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