Thursday, September 5, 2013

August Food List

August Food Cost

January Total: $39.48
February Total: $43.39
March Total: $35.51
April: $33.91
May: $39.11
June: $28.59
July: $22.39
August $12.56
Year Total: $360.27
Total Remaining: $4.73

I have become more lax on which foods I count in my total cost. My neighbor recently opened an organic coffee shop so I did not count the two days I ate at his shop. I also didn't count family meals because it is something fairly rare. I worked nearly every day this month and working at a restaurant cuts food costs dramatically with many days of only eating food at work. I feel fortunate to work at a place with such high quality food that has fresh vegetables.

So far, I'm not having any negative health changes due to eating meat almost every day. I still feel fairly healthy, but next month I need to add more vegetables.

food grown by me
locally sourced
my bees or from bees I know

August Food List

1st - 1-1/2c potatoes, 1/4c tomatoes, 1/8c bell peppers, scallion, 3 eggscr, butter, pancakes (bisquik, egg, milk), syrup, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (work: canolli, spaghetti bolagnese, lemonade) (DG: $1.35 milk)
2nd - strawberry freezer jam, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (family: turkey, pound cake, potatoes) (work: meatloaf, bread, butter, zucchini)
3rd - strawberry freezer jam, 1c potatoes, butter (family: pound cake) (work: stromboli w/ sausage&pepperoni, bread, butter, chicken, cucumber, tomato, lemonade)
4th - 1/4c tomatoes, bell pepper, 3 eggomlt, cheddar, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (craft show: 2 turkey sandwiches $2.00)(outback w/ aunt&uncle: bloomin' onion, steak, fries, broccoli, carrots; starbucks: mocha frappiccino)
5th - 1c potatoes, scallion, 1-1/2c fried squash (oil, house autry, egg), butter, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee, 1/3 box choc cake mix, lemonade
6th - mac&chs, butter, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (GO: $0.59 mac&chs, choc cake mix $1.00) (work: lemonade, pasta, marinara)
7th - waffles (bisquik, milk, egg) syrup, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (work: chicken wings, potatoes, coffee, bday cake, pizza, lemonade)
8th - 1/4c tomatoes, 2 eggomlt, cheddar, butter (work: hamburger patty, onions, coffee, honey, lemonade, sprite, bread, butter, soup)
9th - 1/3 choc cake box, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (work: spaghetti, lemonade, bread, butter)
10th - 1/4c tomato, 2 eggomlt, cheddar, butter (work: pizza, coffee, honey, chicken herbs, salad, brea, butter, root beer)
12th - (work: chicken, potatoes, pizza, coffee, honey, root beer, canolli)
13th - (work sort of competition: chicken parm sandwich, canolli, chips) (work: baked penne, lemonade)
14th - (family: beef roast, potatoes, corn) (work: chicken, peppers, lemonade, bread, butter)
15th - 2 ears corn, 1/4c tomatoes, scallion, 2 eggomlt, cheddar, butter, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee  (snickers, baby ruth $2.00) (work: penne, bolanase, bread, butter, lemonade)
16th - 2 ears corn, 1/4c tomatoes, scallion, 2 eggomlt, cheddar, butter, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee, 1/3 choc cake mix (oil, egg) (work: chicken, potatoes, lemonade, bday cake)
17th - 2 ears corn, 2 cucumbers, 1c raspberries, butter, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (work: hamburger patty, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, lemnade, red velvet cake)
18th - 1/8c bell pepper, scallion, 1/4c tomatoes, 2 eggomlt, cheddar, butter, 2tsp honey, 2 pots coffee, mac&chs, reeces (GO: mac&chs $0.59, reeces $1.00)
19th - 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (walmart: turkey sandwich: $3.24) (work: penne, cheese sauce, lemonade, canolli)
20th - 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (work: pizza, root beer, coffee, sugar, canolli, chicken-ham wrap, potatoes)
21st - (work: pizza, chicken wing, spaghetti, bread, butter, salad)
22nd - (work: soup, bread, butter, talapia, eggplant parmigana, penne, marinara, lemonade, coffee, sugar, cappucinno)
23rd - 1/4c tomatoes, bell pepper, 2 eggomlt, cheddar, butter, 1/3 choc cake mix (oil, egg) (Justin's: cappuccino, coffee, agave, cherry danish) (work: chicken herbs, zucchini, tomto, pizza, lemonade)
24th - (work: soup, pizza, bread, butter, lemonade, baked penne)
25th - chinese w/ family
26th - 1/4c tomatoes, 2 eggscr, 1c potatoes, butter, 1tsp honey, 1 pot coffee (work: chicken picatta, salad)
27th - cherokee restaurant: turkey wrap and got very sick
28th - (work: spaghetti, chicken , broccoli, peppers, lemonade)
29th - (work: chicken, salad, lemonade)
30th - (gas staton: juice $0.79) (justin's: mocha, cherry pastry) (work: potatoes, chicken, lemonade)
31st- (family: tea, sugar, rice krispies, bisquick waffles, syrup) (work: potatoes, chicken, pizza, coke)

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