Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cycle of Unhealthy Living

The following was a response to an article about how unhealthy the baby boomers are and how they will be sicker but live longer than previous generations:

People who eat too much keep this economy running and make big money for the 1%ers. Think what would happen if all those overweight folks suddenly cut their food budgets in half and ate only fresh vegetables and fruits and a cup of brown rice a day? No hamburger meat or pork chops, no overpriced potato chips, no ice cream and cookies, no drive-through burgers and pizza. And what if they grew most of those simple wholesome foods in their own backyards or containers? Is that what the corporate and political lords really want? I don't think so. But we should give them what they say they want. Let's fight back, low-income worker bees. Grow your own collards and turnips and tomatoes. It's easy. Add some dried pintos and salsa and it's a tasty, easy meal. When you get a sugar craving, eat a teaspoon of honey. Let's show them we don't need their processed, packaged, overpriced, high-calorie, high-fat crap. Make them pay for their personal trainers without our hard-earned dollars.

The person who made the comment above is absolutely right that people who eat too much of the wrong foods keep the economy running. But if everyone in the country started growing their own food, the government would start taxing it. I'm surprised the government doesn't tax people now for growing a garden or having livestock. The person commenting states unhealthy people are much more valuable as consumers. Think about it... healthy people are not worth much and dead people are worth even less, but an unhealthy person has to buy lots of different medications in order for their body to function properly. Where are the medications typically located? In big box stores. What does someone do when they have to wait an hour for a particular medication? Shop. Let's suppose the person is overweight and is mildly hypoglycemic, what will that person buy? Food. Will that hungry individual buy healthy food? Probably not. 

And thus, the cycle of an unhealthy lifestyle continues.

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