Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garden Two Months Later

Newly Plowed Garden

I took the above picture right after my brother had plowed on the first day of spring, March 20th. I look at a freshly plowed garden as a blank canvas. I put a lot of planning into where the plants will go to get the best sun or by companion plants. I always find it amazing that every year I carry buckets of rocks out of the garden and every year there are more.  

I have met a lot of people who espouse the wonders of a no-till garden and yet none of them actually have gardens. Tilling the soil is a basic fundamental property of advanced agricultural systems. It’s the reason that ancient people groups all over the world have gods associated with plows. I’m not switching to a no-till garden, but I will wish all of my non-gardener friends luck in their no-till no-garden method. I do allow a strip of grass to grow like a walkway but that is because it keeps my shoes from getting so muddy.
Garden Two Months Later

Here is a list of when I planted everything this year:

23rd – Transplanted some garlic from near chicken coop to raspberries

16th – ½ row of sugar snap peas (~20ft)
20th – row of potatoes (~20ft)
23rd – carrot seeds in 1x1 box

6th – onions; ½ row of sugar snap peas (~20ft)
9th – onions; Row of potatoes (~20ft)
17th – First asparagus sprig emerged
20th – 12 small broccoli plants; row of potatoes (~20ft)
23rd – marigold plants

9th – row of potatoes (~20ft)
12th – row of potatoes (~15ft)
13th – onions
16th – 6 green pepper plants; 2 red pepper; 7 tomato plants in pots
17th – 2 cantaloupe plants; 1 swiss chard
18th – 3 rows of blue lake bush beans (~25ft)  

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