Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Complicated or Convenient?

Some of the vegetables from last summer.

When I first started my garden project, a couple of years ago, a friend of mine said that it seemed like I was trying to make my life more complicated.

Here is a list of how much less complicated my life has become:

1.       Instead of shopping for eggs every week, I only have to buy chicken feed once every three months.
2.       I no longer have to wait in check-out lines so frequently.
3.       I don’t have to spend time clipping coupons or searching for weekly grocery sales.
4.       I have more time to learn, such as listening to audiobooks while gardening.
5.       Eating mostly non-processed foods may prolong my life.

1.       A dollar’s worth of seeds can grow enough of that particular food to last for a year… or possibly a lifetime.
2.       The fruits and vegetables I grow are typically more expensive to buy than to grow.
3.       I no longer spend money on the medications I used to need.
4.       I’m no longer lining the pockets of large food companies.
5.       I don’t have to pay for gas to drive to a grocery store every week or even every month.

1.       I no longer need to take acid reflux medication and rarely have pain from my gallbladder.
2.       I’m physically very strong from working in the garden… no gym membership for me J
3.       The eggs I eat are from healthy happy hens.
4.       I know for a fact that most of the vegetables I eat have not been sprayed with pesticides.
5.       It makes me happy to watch a seed grow into a plant.

I guess the view of gardening as complicated or convenient is dependent on the individual. For someone who hates gardening or has an aversion to birds, my lifestyle would not be suitable for them. There are also people who will waste too much money gardening because they have an endless list of what they believe a garden has to look like… such as having a greenhouse, raised beds, 10ft high fences, pre-packaged compost, heirloom seeds from one specialty seed producer , a $2,500 tractor and the list goes on and on.  

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