Monday, April 15, 2013

What will happen?

Food Pantry

I recently read an article about how more people than ever are using food assistance programs. Here is a quote from the article:

“Federal money would be electronically transferred to the broke residents of a nearly bankrupt town, where it would flow first into grocery stores and then on to food companies, employees, and banks, beginning the monthly cycle that has helped Woonsocket survive.”

I have noticed an increase in the number of customers at a local discount grocery store. Six years ago, I would occasionally shop at that particular grocery store and typically there would only be one cashier and a few customers, but now there are at least three cashiers and always a line of customers. I have noticed the same trend with the Goodwill stores. I think it indicates a major economic problem when discount food and clothes stores are packed with customers. What will happen to a nation that has 15% of the working age adults on food assistance programs? I am grateful to live in an area where I can grow much of my own food, but what about those people who live in urban areas and have to buy their food from stores?

Another huge problem I see is a lack of wealth building from people who are 40 and younger. Most people who I meet that are well-educated and considered to be middle-class are buried under a mountain of student loan debt and will need at least 20 years to pay it off. I am beginning to see well-educated people as indentured servants to their student loan debts.

What will happen to a nation with a generation of those who are either buried under debt and employed or those who are unemployed and living from hand to mouth?  

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