Thursday, March 7, 2013

Basic Tomato Sauce

Today I opened a jar of the homemade tomato sauce that I made this summer. It is a very basic sauce with only tomatoes, basil, sugar and a little lemon juice. I only made two pints but next year I will definitely make more. A pint of sauce equals about two spaghetti meals.
Start with tomatoes
Boil off much of the water

Finished pints of tomato sauce


  1. That looks good. My Dad is on a strict low salt diet and it's hard to find tomato sauce that he can eat. Fresh tomato sauce sounds so delicious!

    1. This is really easy to make and to add whatever vegetables to it that you would like. It takes a lot of tomatoes to make a pint of sauce.

  2. Thanks for the post. I like your writing style – I’m trying to start a blog myself, I think I might read thru all your posts for some suggestions! Thanks once more.