Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1907 Buy Local Ad

This was a front page ad found in a Brevard, NC newspaper on February 22, 1907. It is encouraging people to buy from local sources rather than from Sears, Roebuck & Company based in Chicago.

I really don't like shopping or going into stores, so I am guilty of purchasing things from non-local businesses by buying online. I do like my food sourced locally, though, because I prefer to know the farmer. Most of the fruits and vegetables I eat are grown by me. Because of the crazy weather last year, I had to buy apples from a local orchard, but I don't mind giving financial support to people in my community.

There is a movement in this country to buy American made products. If more people bought things made by Americans, then more jobs would be created and that would raise the standard of living for everyone. As I type that, I realize that my Toshiba computer was not made in this country. The car I drive is also from a Japanese company. The couch I'm sitting on was probably made in China. Oddly, the shirt I'm wearing is from American Eagle Outfitters which suggests made in America, but it was really made in Vietnam. The vast majority of my clothes are from second-hand shops, so I don't feel so bad about wearing them because I was not the original buyer. Most of the other items in my living room are antiques and were made in America or Europe by someone who could have been my great-great-great-great grandfather. Right next to me is a large grandfather clock, which is a couple hundred years old, and was made in England. The woodstove used to heat the house is from the Buck Stove Company and is located only about 80miles from my house. The large rocks used for the wall around the fireplace are all from the yard from when my dad built the house. There is pottery sitting on my mantle that was made in the basement. You can't get anymore local than that.

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