Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Overgrown Garden

Neglected Garden
Here are some pictures of the overgrown and slightly neglected garden. The weeds have gotten a little bit out of control, but I still managed to harvest a lot of food today. I dug up half a row of potatoes, picked one-quarter bushel of beans, unearthed several carrots, shucked a couple ears of corn and collected two cups of raspberries.

Neglected Corn

My goal is to plant cold-hardy plants where the bush beans were, so I will probably plant spinach, swiss chard and broccoli. So far, the cucumbers and sunflowers are not doing well. The yellow-squash and zucchini have taken over much of the garden. Some of the tomatoes are showing blight, but I try to take care of it by cutting off any part of the plant which appears diseased. The raspberries have been the most impressive because they are the earliest to fruit and will be the last to die off. I ate the first ripe grape today and it tasted terrible because it was so sour. The carrot crop has been the best vegetable this year and has not fallen prey to insects or disease. I have also had a lot of luck with the potatoes. The cabbage didn't fair too well this year, but I don't like cabbage anyway.


  1. Our garden didn't do so well this year. Our Kentucky Wonder beans were so tough we didn't eat them and our cucumbers were hard and had a really peculiar, bitter taste. :( Our lettuce and tomatoes were good though.

    Oh by the way I saw your doppelgänger walking down main street. I was so convinced it was you I almost crossed the street to say hello!

  2. The cucumbers didn't do so well, but the squash and tomatoes are doing great.

    I aually waited on my double last week. It was kind of disturbing. She was the same height and build.

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