Thursday, May 31, 2012

Holy Beeswax

The following is an excerpt from The Hive:

Wherever Christianity spread in Europe, so did beekeeping and candlemaking. As candles were used more and more in church services, so Christians revered the bee and its works, with a kind of circular reasoning. The bee was a sacred being because it made sacred wax; and wax was holy because the bee was holy. The early Christians sometimes baptized themselves with honey and made crosses out of wax. In Christian worship, the flame of the candle represented Christ, the light of the world; the wick represented his soul; and the wax was his spotless body. Wax was treated by Christians as more pure than any other substance. Bees were chaste (or so it was believed), like Mary; as Christ was born of Mary, so wax was born of virgin bees. 

What would it feel like to be baptized in a vat of honey?

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  1. Very interesting...I don't think I'd like to be dunked in a vat of honey though. I guess it would be pretty tasty though! :D