Friday, April 13, 2012

Goat Cheese

Random picture of goats from my photos

I have recently started eating real cheese. Why do I write real cheese instead of just cheese? Because most of what I have consumed thinking was cheese was not really cheese but something called “cheese product.” Through the course of my life, I have also consumed imitation cheese, cheese food, cheese spread and cheese analogues. Very rarely have I ever eaten real cheese, but I was unaware that it was not cheese. Hopefully, you will go and look in your fridge to read the packages of the cheese-like things and discover if you’re really eating what you think you’re eating.  

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a couple pounds of goat cheese from a local farm. I bought garlic and chives variety along with a pound of plain. Cheese is something I have missed. I like to put it over vegetables and on tortilla wraps. It has made a great addition to my food challenge. I bought it in frozen containers and broke it into smaller pieces with a hammer because I only use about a tablespoon at a time for broccoli, asparagus or spinach. The lightly salted cheese has only four ingredients: pasteurized goat milk, cheese cultures, microbial rennet and salt. 

It was so strange how I met the dairy goat farmer because I had been considering buying cheese for quite some time from that particular producer. In late February, I mentioned to a student-friend about how I would love to have a cheese pizza and how much I missed cheese, when another student happened to walk in and overhear our discussion. She said I should try Dark Cove Goat Cheese and that I could buy it at the vegetarian restaurant on campus, so I immediately googled the dairy with the intention to seek out the owner. I didn’t quite follow-through with my cheese quest, though, but it didn’t matter because fate had already found the dairy goat farmer for me. During a fieldtrip, with my class on local botany, we went to the farm I had been thinking about. Isn’t fate a wonderful thing? It took all the leg work out of my search and brought me in a school van directly to where I wanted to go.

Since the dairy farm isn’t open to the public and is way out in the boonies, here is a list of places to buy Dark Cove Goat Cheese:
Tuckeseegee Trading Company
Guadaloupe Café
Lulu’s on Main
Papous Wineshop
Bryson Farm Supply
Eric’s Fish Market
Bryson City
Cottage Craftsman
Eric’s Fish Market
Cashiers Farmers Market
The Orchard
Mountain Fresh Grocery
Rosewood Market
On the Verandah
Highlands Falls Country Club
Highlands Country Club
Classic Wine Cellar
Sunburst Market

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