Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I recently taste-tested toothwort (Do not eat any plant unless you know exactly what it is!). The plants grow in abundance next to the creek in my backyard. According to an edible wild plant book it says, "Use: Horseradishlike condiment, salad. The crisp rootstocks are peppery-pungent; mixed with vinegar and a pinch of salt, they can be substituted for horseradish; chopped up, they make a lively addition to salads." I tried the root and it did taste like a mild horseradish. Maybe I will dry several roots and turn it into a powder so I can use it for a long time. Unfortunately, I could not find any information on how toothwort was used as for teeth. The word "wort" usually means the plant was considered, at one time, to have healing properties. This is the reason why there are also plants called liverworts and spleenworts.

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