Saturday, March 3, 2012


Yesterday I ate local domestic rabbit, and I think rabbits will soon be a part of my food challenge. Last week, I picked up a Grit magazine about raising rabbits for food. Several articles featured recipes and the nutritional content found in the meat. Before I read the magazine I had not really considered meat rabbits, but now I see things a little differently. Because purchasing rabbits, building a hutch and buying rabbit food is a fairly large financial investment, I bought rabbit meat from a woman who advertised on craigslist. I went to the woman's house and was ok with how she raised her animals, so I purchased 2lbs for $14. A lot of people in the area where I live speak highly of rabbit meat, but I wanted to make sure I would like it. For example, I don't like the taste of pork, so I would never consider raising a pig because the end product is something I would have to force myself to eat. I liked the texture of rabbit meat, and I found it does not have a strong distinctive flavor but takes the same flavor as the herbs or powder which are cooked with it. The meat has the versatility of flavors in the same way chicken does but with higher protein, less fat and lower cholesterol.

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