Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Salad Update

Spinach (Photo Taken on Sunday)
Arugula (Sunday Photo)
Lettuce-mix (Sunday Photo)
I planted a couple rows of spinach on January 13th along with arugula and a lettuce-mix on the 21st. It is amazing how little they have grown in that amount of time. The chickens ate some of the arugula but now it seems to be thriving. The reason the arugula is doing so well is because I like it the least.The spinach seeds were very old and only 10 of them came up, but I planted several more on February 2nd. The lettuce-mix is doing great, and I'm looking forward to having a salad in a couple of weeks. I planted radishes on February 6th, and when I placed them on a shelf in the greenhouse they all dumped out. I scooped up as much soil as I could and replanted 30 seeds which all sprouted. On February 1st, I planted 20 swiss chard seeds in 10 pots, and so far 8 of the pots have sprouted.

It is incredible any of the plants are still alive because the large greenhouse blew over on February 21st. Most of the planters were on shelf not connected to the frame of the greenhouse so those were fine. The broccoli I planted a couple days early spilled. Six of the 24 broccoli seeds sprouted today.

Moral of the story: Plants are tough.

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