Saturday, February 11, 2012

Birds and Bees

I went to my first bee club meeting this week. Bees are so fascinating, and soon I will have my own hive. Bee school starts this Saturday and I'm looking forward to it sooooooo much :) 

Chickens will eat bees if given the opportunity. Earlier this week I was talking to my lab partner in Soils and Hydrology class, and he said that his chickens like to eat yellow jackets. Every year I am stung by the wasps, which seem to live underground, and attack me when I mow the lawn. It will be nice to not have yellow jackets in the yard, but I don't want the chickens eating my honeybees. Tonight I spoke to the man who will give me bees, so I asked him if I could set-up the hive near the chicken coop. He told me not to place the hive anywhere around the chickens because they will eat them. Bee-eating chickens must be a fact because I heard the same information twice in one week.  

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