Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beekeeper Steve

A little over a month ago, I contacted a local beekeeper named Steve. He is the father of one of my niece’s friends. I was astonished when he offered to give me bees from a hive split he is doing this spring. For several years, I have dreamed of having my own hive and soon it will become a reality. Steve really motivated me to join the local beekeeping club and attend the Bee School. The motivation to buy the equipment came because I know he will give me the bees and I need a home for them.
I went over the Beekeeper Steve’s house today, and we moved the bottom brood box over the top brood box. We looked at the some of the frames and noted that the queen is laying in a good pattern. We didn’t find the queen, but we also didn’t pull out every single frame. The workers looked very healthy without damaged wings and I didn’t see any mites. I was amazed at how docile the bees were, and he even fed one of them a pollen-honey mixture from his finger. He enjoys beekeeping and is proud of his bees.   

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