Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wild Onions

There are so many non-cultivated plants that are edible and often overlooked. Wild onions are prolific in the yard and by the garden. Every year I mow over them, but it has little to no effect because they just pop up again. With my food challenge, I’m very happy they didn’t disappear because wild onions will be a major ingredient in the foods I eat this year. 

The two onions in the photo were eaten raw. They have a sweet flavor and are so tiny. I’m not sure which species these onions belong to but the genus is Allium. It would take a lot of these to smother a hamburger steak… I’m not eating hamburger steak this year unless I find a cow to raise and kill. Maybe I could fit a cow into the dog lot, but I would probably wind up with a pet cow named Bessie who would follow me around the yard with the pet chickens.   

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