Monday, January 2, 2012

Stored Food

I’m not starting my food challenge without food. It will be several months before the first asparagus make their way to the surface, so I have quite a bit of stored food which should last for at least three months. I also have some fresh fruit from a recent vacation to my aunt and uncle’s home in central Florida. During December in Florida, the oranges, grapefruits and limes mature. Part of this project is about using the food which is available in the environment. I live in a great area for growing most vegetables, but it would be extremely difficult to grow a citrus tree in the mountains of western NC.

I took an inventory of all the stored food which was mostly preserved from the last growing season. Some of the green beans are from the season before last, but they are still good to eat.   

Glass Jars:
36pints Green Beans (Greasy Beans, Peanut Beans, Bush Beans)
27pints Applesauce
1quart Apples
30cups Blackberries
8cups Raspberries
12cups Blueberries
12cups Broccoli
8cups Green Bell Peppers
2cups Peas
1cup Dill
1cup Parsley
50cubes Catnip
52 Limes
5 Grapefruit
3 Oranges

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