Sunday, January 15, 2012

Marble Egg

Look at that tiny chicken egg! It was from one of my neighbor’s chickens. I watched them last week and found this marble-sized egg lying in the corner of the coop. The chicken that laid it didn’t even bother to go into the nesting box. When my neighbor came home, we broke it open and there was no yolk.

Sometimes hens will lay eggs which are not perfect. When they first start laying, the shells may be soft or there may be no shell at all. Even chickens have bad days. In our society, we are so used to seeing eggs which have passed inspection that we forget eggs are not always uniform in size or color. Farm factories kill the chickens which do not lay our version of “normal eggs.” Even though I only have two breeds of chickens, all of their eggs are slightly different shades of brown and are not uniform in size. They would never pass inspection. The eggs are always fairly clean which surprised me that chickens do not poop where they lay. The nesting box for my chickens is just a medium plastic box filled with straw and a brick in the bottom. One of the Dominickers likes to hog the box and sit in it for hours at a time. I think she hopes the unfertilized eggs will bring forth little baby chicks. I put another box in the coop today because the other hens seem to become anxious when they need to use the box and can’t because she is sitting in it.  

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