Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fresh Grapefruit Juice?

Yesterday someone came to the house and said, "Look at that! A grapefruit that hasn't been in a grocery store. It doesn't have a coating of wax on it." She was right in her observation. The grapefruit was picked a week ago from my aunt and uncle's tree by me.

Several years ago, I was working as a waitress in a diner. I was waiting on a couple and the wife was questioning everything on the breakfast menu...

Woman: Are those hashbrowns made of real potatoes?
Me: Well, I'm sure at one time it was a potato.
Woman: Is it actual bacon on the bacon and cheese omelet or bacon bits?
Me: Actual bacon.
Woman: Oh. Is the ham super salty?
Me: Nobody has ever complained that it is too salty.
Woman: Is the grapefruit fresh squeezed?
(I thought to myslf, "Is this lady joking? This is a small diner. Does she really think we have a stockpile of grapefruit in a backroom and make to order grapejuice on the extremely rare occasion someone orders it?) Me: Yes, every morning bright and early, we have our assistant cook make fresh apple, orange, grape and of course grapefruit juice. (I said this with a smile.)
Woman: That sounds delightful, I will take the grapefruit juice. I would also like one piece of lightly browned toast with butter... but not too much butter,one fried egg which is only a little runny and a half order of hashbrowns. Also, I would like everything on separate plates because I don't like it when different foods touch.

I went back to the waitress station and popped open a can of grapefruit juice. I looked at the ingredients and there were so many non-juice substances in it that I was unsure how it could be packaged as juice. I poured the contents into a glass and brought it out to her. I told her that the assistant cook was so careful in straining out the pulp. She took a gulp of the liquid and said,"That's the best grapefruit juice I've ever tasted!"

I then laughed an evil internal laugh :)

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